Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Illustration Friday - Sight

It was a battle right from the start 
For both sides brought nothing but heart.
The Cattle Dogs were feisty with every swing,
While the 'Roos seemed to catch almost everything!
So who was the winner of Aussie's baseball cup?
The Kickin 'Roos or the Cattle Pups?
No matter the outcome, whomever it be,
This game was most certainly a sight to see!


  1. Great energy. Love your style. You sound just like me although I only have two kids and tea is my best tipple x x

  2. Yeah energy is the right word for this both in story and illustration. Love the koala in the middle.

  3. Love the action here! Especially the kangaroo!

  4. The poem and the lllustration go so well together! Smiling my wide smile

  5. Oh what gorgeous animal characters! Lovely work.

  6. Yes...quite a sight of some fun action! Cute poem with it, too.